GMF Charter

Chapter I: General Principles
Chapter II: Business Scope 
Chapter III: Organizational Structure, Appointments and Dismissal of Officials
Chapter IV: Asset Management and Use 
Chapter V: Amendments to the Constitution 
Chapter VI: The Dissolution of the Forum
Chapter VII: Supplementary Principles
The mission of the International Mayors Communication Centre (hereinafter referred to as “IMCC”), is “To be the communicator of urban cultures". IMCC co-founded the first Global Mayors’ Forum Council (hereinafter referred to as the “GMF Council”) with the Sustainable Cities International (SCI), Sister Cities International (SCI), and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI).
The Constitution of the Second GMF Council is amended o the base of the Constitution of the First GMF Council.
Chapter I: General Principles
Article I: Name
The official name of the organization is the "Global Mayors’ Forum Council".
Article II: Nature
The GMF Council is a non-governmental international organization. The Global Mayors’ Forum (hereinafter referred to as “GMF”) is a high-ranking and non-governmental annual meeting. The GMF Council is the highest decision-making organ of the GMF.
Article III: Objectives
“To bridge cultural differences and help cities around the world work together to achieve sustainable urban development”, through:
1.Strengthening inter-city communication, coordination and cooperation, especially between cities in China and those of other countries; and
2.Providing a conference on economy, society, culture, environment, and other related topics of sustainable development for global mayors, entrepreneurs and academics.
Article IV: Legal Jurisdictions
The first GMF council was formed in Shenzhen, China. The GMF abides by the basic laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. Should the two parties have a dispute and fail to settle it by the means of negotiation, they shall turn to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) for arbitration. Each session of the meeting shall respect the social and moral practices of the hosting city.
Article V: Venue
The venue for each session of the GMF shall depend upon the selection of the Secretariat and shall be reported to the GMF Council for the record.
Article VI: Conference Form
The GMF insists on the philosophy of “low carbon and high green” to comply with the Forum’s theme of sustainable development. Its conference mode is to jointly hold conferences with local governments, organizations and enterprises from across the world.
Chapter II: Business Scope
Article VII: Business Scope
The scope of the GMF’s business includes:
1. Convening forums to discuss issues confronting global urban development;
2. Hosting exhibitions, trade fairs and various activities independently or cooperatively which contribute to the achievements of the GMF objective; and
3. Discussing the trends that impacts global urban development and potential issues that may impact urban development; facilitating and reinforcing cooperative communication among existing partner organizations.
Chapter III: Organizational Structure, Appointments and Dismissal of Officials
Article VIII: Organizational Structure
The main organs of the GMF are as follows:
1. The GMF Council
Members of the GMF Council shall consist of representatives of the GMF organizers. They cooperate in the operations and development of the GMF. The tenure of each GMF Council member is four years.
2. Organizing Committee
There is a GMF Organizing Committee under the GMF Council. The Organizing Committee shall be responsible for the planning, organizing and implementing the work of the GMF. The size and number of each Organizing Committee shall be determined by the GMF Council for two-year terms. The Organizing Committee is authorized to set up a Steering Committee and an Advisory Committee under the Organizing Committee that shall be reported to the GMF Council for the record.
3. Secretariat
The Secretariat of the GMF Council is established to organize and manage the GMF’s daily affairs.
Article IX: The GMF Council
1. The GMF Council shall hold an annual council meeting;
2. The Chair of the GMF Council can convene a special meeting if proposed by three or more council members and approved by the majority of council members.
Article X Composition of the GMF Council
The GMF Council will be formed by no more than nine council members.
1. The initiator of the GMF--IMCC shall designate two representatives as council members; each partner organization shall designate one representative as council member;
2. Each session of the Council shall be comprised of returning council members and new members. Council members can be elected and reappointed consecutively. New members shall be nominated and approved by the Council;
3. Members who join the GMF Council as organizations shall designate a representative to implement their obligations and rights;
4. The Secretary General of the GMF Secretariat shall be considered an ex-officio vice-chair of the GMF Council;
5. No more than four members shall come from the same country or economic entity;
6. Two commercial institutions can be listed as council members or vice-chair of the GMF Council;
7. No more than three honorary chairs can be listed in the GMF Council to honor their contributions of promoting GMF as a unit or as an individual. Honorary chair do not have to participate in regular management and do not participate in decision making without invitation;
8. Should a council member request to withdraw from the Council before the end of his or her term, he or she shall submit a written request six months in advance. The request shall be approved by a simple majority of the council members. The council member shall be bound by the obligations and rights before the request is approved;
9. The number of council members can be increased or decreased by approval of the GMF Council; and
10. Council members can appoint a special representative to attend the board-member meeting. If a Council member fails to attend (or fails to appoint a special representative to attend) two board-member meetings consecutively, the Chair of the GMF Council has the authority to revoke his or her position in the GMF Council.
Article XI: Chair, Vice-chair and Directors of the GMF Council
1. IMCC is the permanent presidential unit of the Council. The Chair of the Council shall be designated by IMCC.
2. Each founder of the GMF is entitled to be the vice-presidential unit of the Council. Upon the GMF Council’s decision, new members may be given the right to appoint a vice-chair or a council member; and
3. Should the Chair be unable to execute his or her duties for any reason, a Vice-Chair shall assume the role as the substitute chair until the next meeting of the GMF Council.
Article XII The GMF Council's Responsibilities
The GMF Council’s duties include:
1. Supervising and governing all activities of the GMF;
2. Reviewing the Constitution and amending the proposals of the GMF Council; and
3. Approving major changes to the Constitution and rules.
Article XIII Decision-Making of the GMF Council
In addition to this Constitution and other relevant governing rules, decisions on issues shall be made by the approval of a simple majority of council members present at any given board-member meeting. Each council member has one vote.
Should there be an important or urgent issue, the Chair has the authority to make emergency decisions.
Article XIV Chair’s Duties
The Chair’s duties include:
1. Hosting the board-member meetings and making speeches on behalf of the GMF Council;
2. Overseeing short and long-term planning and activities that contribute to the achievements of GMF’s objectives and interests;
3. Authorized by the Council and on behalf of the GMF, the Chair can sign papers and letters that are non-binding, non-administrative and non-contractual in nature; and
4. Executing other duties entrusted by the GMF Council.
Article XV Vice-Chair’s Duties
1. Assisting the Chair in executing his or her responsibilities;
- 6 -
2. Assuming the duties of the Chair when the Chair is unable to execute his/her responsibilities; and
3. Executing other duties entrusted by the GMF Council.
Article XVI: Organizing Committee
The Organizing Committee is the executive organ of the GMF and shall be formed by up to 25 members selected from representatives of the GMF’s organizer, co-organizers, host organizations, support organization and sponsors. The tenure of each Organizing Committee member is two years.
Article XVII: Secretariat
The Secretariat is subordinated to the GMF Council and is a standing organ of the GMF. IMCC is the permanent Secretariat of the GMF Council with the following responsibilities:
1. Responsible for all preparations of GMF meetings;
2. Executing the decisions of the GMF Council;
3. Preparing the GMF annual work report and budget and submitting it to the GMF Council for consideration;
4. Responsible for fund raising and operations for the GMF;
5. Drafting or amending the GMF’s rules and regulations and submitting them to the GMF Council for approval;
6. Responsible for the regular contact of council members, organizing committee members, etc., and providing other related services to them;
7. Implementing other responsibilities entrusted by the Council; and
8. Assisting the Chair in the fulfillment of his/her duties.
Article XVIII Secretary General
The Secretary General is the Chief Executive Officer and leader of the GMF Secretariat. Ms. JIN Lan, from International Mayors Communication Centre, was elected as the permanent Secretary General. Should she request to step down from this position due to illness or other reasons, a
written request shall be submitted to and approved by the Chair six months in advance. Ms. JIN Lan has the right to nominate a new Secretary General.
The Secretary General’s responsibilities are as follows:
1. Responsible for the daily management of the GMF as well as being a representative of the GMF;
2. Hosting all GMF meetings other than the board-member meetings of the GMF Council ;
3. Executing the rules and regulations approved by the GMF Council;
4. Responsible for the employment, promotion and dismissal of secretariat staff;
5. Proposing any adjustments to the GMF Secretariat functional departments or the administrative offices of the GMF and submitting this to the GMF Council for approval; and
6. Implementing other responsibilities entrusted or authorized by the GMF Council.
Article XIX Deputy Secretary General
Upon approval by the GMF Council, the GMF may set up a number of deputy secretary generals. They can be nominated by the Secretary General. If a deputy secretary general is nominated by other council members, the nomination shall be approved by the Secretary General prior to submission for the Council’s approval. The term for each deputy secretary general is two years, and it can be extended upon the Council’s approval.
Deputy Secretary Generals have the following responsibilities:
1. Assisting the Secretary General in dealing with daily affairs;
2. Assuming the Secretary General’s duties when he or she is unable to perform his/her duties; and
3. Implementing other responsibilities entrusted or authorized by the Secretary General.
Article XX Termination of the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary Generals
The Secretary General and Deputy Secretary Generals’ duties will be terminated under the following circumstances:
1. A written notice is submitted to the Chair of the GMF Council informing the Council of the resignation six months in advance;
2. If more than two thirds of the council members vote in favor of the termination of the Secretary General or deputy secretary generals, he or she has the right to request a hearing;
3. Unable to perform his/her duties; or
4. Subject to criminal penalty.
Chapter IV: Asset Management and Use
Article XXI: Sources of Funding for the Forum
1. GMF’s registration fees;
2. Contributions, donations, and sponsorships;
3. Government subsidies and contributions;
4. Income from the GMF’s business activities and services;
5. Interests from GMF funds; and
6. Other legal income.
Article XXII: Use of GMF Funding
All GMF funding shall be used for the realization of the GMF’s objectives within the scope defined by this constitution and other related rules.
Article XXIII: Income Distribution
1. IMCC assumes all financial risks (gains or losses) of the GMF;
2. As long as the GMF’s objectives are respected, members of the GMF Council have the right to enjoy the benefits from their investment projects in GMF activities. Detailed agreements shall be signed with IMCC for specific projects.
Section XXIV Financial Management
1. The accuracy and completion of all accounting information shall be ensured by following international accounting standards and financial laws and regulations;
2. An audit shall be done annually by an internationally certified accounting firm; and
3. Official GMF staff’s insurance, welfare and other wages shall be governed by the related administrative regulations of the local government.
Chapter V Amendment to the Constitution
Section XXV: Procedures for Amending the Constitution
Amendments to the Constitution shall be prepared by the Secretariat and submitted to the GMF Council for approval.
Chapter VI Dissolution of the GMF
Article XXVI: Procedures for Dissolving the GMF
The GMF shall be dissolved in accordance with following procedures:
1. The dissolution is subject to the approval of the GMF Council;
2. Prior to the dissolution of the GMF, a liquidation committee shall be established to liquidate assets and liabilities in accordance with international practices, laws and regulations; and
3. After all liabilities are paid off, the remaining assets shall be donated to or used for the development and accomplishment of the GMF’s intended goals under the supervision of the related department.
Chapter VII Supplementary Principles
Article XXVII: Details of the Constitution
GMF issues not mentioned herein will be regulated by the related detailed rules. Detailed rules shall take effect upon the approval of the GMF Council.
Article XXVIIII Language
The GMF's official languages are Chinese and English.
Article XXIX Interpretation
The GMF Council preserves the right of interpretation of this Constitution.
Article XXX Legality
This Constitution will take effect on July 18, 2012 upon the approval of the first board-member meeting of the Second GMF Council.