Case Show

·Magnet turns to battery, Bacteria generates power

It is discovered that bacteria grow on the tiny particles of natural magnets. The bacteria are a mixed group that can eat and breathe the electrons out of metal. In recent years, power generation…

· 3D printing takes you to future London

The first interactive model of London was shown for the first time in the London Architecture Center on May 9. The grey area in the 3D model indicates the restricted areas, where new construction is f…

·Bus speed record broken with cow dung powered bus

In GB, a cow dung powered bus defeated a normal bus with gas power and created a new record for fastest bus. It is said there is not any jet engine in the bus and the bus is completely powered by…

·Huge kite generates power, new breakthrough on renewable resources

he Guardian reports that kite flying is an ancient child game for most people, but a Holland scientist made a huge kite, generating power and successfully generated 10kw of electricity recently. That …

IMCC and HKMA jointly organized a Chinese Public Administration advanced training (Hong Kong)

The advanced training aims to improve students administrative capacities through a professional, systematical and concentrated way.

The GMF 2011 was planned to be held on 18-20 November 2011 in Zhuhai, China

On 21st July 2011, the Secretariat of GMF faxed the first invitation letter to the UN Under-Secretary-General Mr. Sha Zukang, marking the start of the invitation work for the GMF2011.

· I 'm a city changer—Public-Private Partnership Innovation

PPPs are Long-term contracts between a public authority and a private partner to provide public infrastructure or service.

·I am a city changer--Fiscal Management & Accountability for Improved National and Subnational Creditworthiness

Industry and green economy future development is the direction of the future development of the city.

INTA joined the global mayors Forum Council formally

International Urban Development Association (INTA) officially joined the Global Mayors Forum Council in January 2013 and has become a full member of the second Global Mayors Forum Council.

Jin Lan participate in the "UN Climate Summit"

Ms. Jin Lan, the Secretary-General of the GMF Council, was invited by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to participate in the "UN Climate Summit" on 23rd Sep 2014.

WUC and GMF Join to Promote Sustainable Urban Development

The theme of “Urban Equity in Development-Cities for Life”, more than 15,000decision-makers and stakeholders from cities from 164 UN member states participated in the Forum.

2014 GMF Organizing Committee Office Relocated to New Times Plaza

The Office of 2014 GMF organizing committee was relocated to Shekou. This office building is subordinate to the properties of GMF cooperative partner, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone.