The Secretariat is subordinated to the GMF Council and is a standing organ of the GMF. IMCC is the permanent Secretariat of the GMF Council with the following responsibilities:
1. Responsible for all preparations of GMF meetings;
2. Executing the decisions of the GMF Council;
3. Preparing the GMF annual work report and budget and submitting it to the GMF Council for consideration;
4. Responsible for fund raising and operations for the GMF;
5. Drafting or amending the GMF’s rules and regulations and submitting them to the GMF Council for approval;
6. Responsible for the regular contact of council members, organizing committee members, etc., and providing other related services to them;
7. Implementing other responsibilities entrusted by the Council; and
8. Assisting the Chair in the fulfillment of his/her duties.

Article XVIII Secretary General
The Secretary General is the Chief Executive Officer and leader of the GMF Secretariat. Ms. JIN Lan, from International Mayors Communication Centre, was elected as the permanent Secretary General. Should she request to step down from this position due to illness or other reasons, a written request shall be submitted to and approved by the Chair six months in advance. Ms. JIN Lan has the right to nominate a new Secretary General.

The Secretary General’s responsibilities are as follows:
1. Responsible for the daily management of the GMF as well as being a representative of the GMF;
2. Hosting all GMF meetings other than the board-member meetings of the GMF Council ;
3. Executing the rules and regulations approved by the GMF Council;
4. Responsible for the employment, promotion and dismissal of secretariat staff;
5. Proposing any adjustments to the GMF Secretariat functional departments or the administrative offices of the GMF and submitting this to the GMF Council for approval; and
6. Implementing other responsibilities entrusted or authorized by the GMF Council.