America-District of Oak Bay, North Vancouver, Canada
Hazard and vulnerability profile

The District of Oak Bay rests within a zone of medium to high amplification of ground motion hazard if an earthquake were to hit the area. Several key buildings including the municipal hall; police, fire, Monterey Recreation Centre and public works yard are located within this zone. Most of these buildings are lacking the reinforcement required to sustain the impact of an earthquake.
Additionally, the demographic makeup of the community shows an aging population which is at-risk sector in disaster and emergency situations. Many of these residents reside in older homes which may not meet the seismic upgrades requirements to withstand even a moderate earthquake.

Disaster Risk Reduction Activities
Essential 2

“Assign a budget for disaster risk reduction and provide incentives for homeowners, low-income families, communities, businesses and the public sector to invest in reducing the risks they face.”

The Municipality of Oak Bay has dedicated funds for the Emergency Program. They have identified the need to fund disaster risk reduction strategies. For example, the municipal budget identifies funds for program initiatives such as the School Preparedness Program. Funds allocated for Emergency Social Services also support local programs including the Community Emergency Preparedness Outreach Team. Additionally, Oak Bay has prioritized addressing local vulnerabilities by applying for and obtaining funds under the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program (JEPP), as well as a UBCM grant for the Oak Bay Senior’s Mitigation and Preparedness Project.
The Municipality of Oak Bay has enacted a provincially mandated Emergency
Management by-law, which identifies the Emergency Management organization structure and key personnel. This by-law also provides the Emergency Management Coordinator and Committee with the authority to function and to plan. This framework has been utilized municipally and appears to function well. Another municipal level exercise is scheduled for this fall. The municipal council is receptive to emergency management initiatives and works closely with the Emergency Program staff to support new and ongoing initiatives.
The current budget for disaster and emergency management is 0.23% of the total budget expenditures. There are currently no municipally provided incentives for investments to reduce the risks faced.
Based on an assessment of the criteria for this essential, the Community of Oak Bay is assessed as a LEVEL 2. Oak Bay has both a budget for EM and a by-law that authorizes emergency management planning.

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