Sister Cities

GMF keeps good cooperative relationships with 3,461 big and medium-sized cities (not including those of China), 510,000 enterprises, 2,100 venture investment companies, 4,100 chambers of commerce, 1,800 large funds, 6,900 sustainable urban development organizations, and other agencies specializing in education, health, culture, environmental protection, energy, finance and urban planning. IMCC also has close ties with 15,354 international governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and 19,514 key leaders. Through the database of GMF, look for the correct partner for the cities.
GMF’s vision is to maintain the world peace, promote friendship and mutual development.
It also aims to facilitate the economy, science, education, culture, hygiene, sport, environmental protection, and youth exchange between the friendship cities.

The value of the establishment of sister cities.
1. Setting up sister cities facilitates the communication in various levels: high-level visits, bilateral conferences, seminars, documents exchange, etc..
2. Developed cities have developed themselves into talent hubs. Setting up sister-cities collaboration can help to attract trans-boarder investment, technology, as well as high-quality professionals.
3. Sister cities can serve as a vehicle for culture exchange, mutual understanding and cooperation, thus promoting world peace.