Guidance Committee

2008 GMF Council was founded.

July 25, 2017 IMCC was granted special consultative status by ECOSOC of UN.

November 28, 2017 the worlds first Open Green City Laboratory was established by GMF secretariat at Shenzhen.

As members of the Council of GMF, the seven organizations become the members of the steering committee of OGCLAB.

The steering committee is the policy-making body of OGCLAB, which is responsible for making the strategic goals, policies and annual work plans.



Expert Committee

The Committee of Experts consists of experts in climate change, sustainable development, green finance, green bonds, urban planning, human residential environment, disaster risk reduction and rescue as well as media and public relation across the world.


The Committee of Experts support OGCLAB through visiting, temporary work, training, video conferencing, providing guidance for projects and other means including but not limited to:

l  Share advanced ideas and technologies of urban management as well as urban sustainable development cases.

l  Promote business or technological cooperation between cities, communities and enterprises across the world in the field of sustainable development.

l  Provide green project solutions to cities across the world under the UN framework of the New Urban Agenda.

l  Provide trainings of green bonds certification, green products certification and green technologies for different states, local governments and enterprises.

l  Promote green consumption and instructive green bonds.

l  Help public sectors such as schools and hospitals with green development planning.

l  Help enterprises with its sustainable development strategic planning and social responsibility reports.