Government Services

IMCC and HKMA jointly organized a Chinese Public Administration advanced training (Hong Kong)

The advanced training aims to improve students administrative capacities through a professional, systematical and concentrated way.

· I 'm a city changer—Public-Private Partnership Innovation

PPPs are Long-term contracts between a public authority and a private partner to provide public infrastructure or service.

·I am a city changer--Fiscal Management & Accountability for Improved National and Subnational Creditworthiness

Industry and green economy future development is the direction of the future development of the city.

·ISO 37120

ISO 37120 is human-oriented composite index that aims to carry forward sustainable development.

·City Branding

GFM will actively use its global network to promote the city branding, including the economy, culture, ecology, profile, social order, history etc.

·Urban Planning

The comprehensive service system provided by the GMF Council Secretariat includes investigation, consultation, strategic planning, design.

·Public Project Financing

Secretariat of GMF will positively provides local governments and urban stakeholders with financing services.

·Building Resilient Cities

A resilient city is one that can adapt to new environment, recover rapidly after a disaster and maintain its long-term growth.

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