WUC and GMF Join to Promote Sustainable Urban Development

The 7th session of UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum was held in Medellin, Colombia from April 5-11. With the theme of “Urban Equity in Development-Cities for Life”, more than 15,000decision-makers and stakeholders from cities from 164 UN member states participated in the Forum. 
On April 7th, 2014, the International Mayors Communication Center, representing the Global Mayors’ Forum (GMF), signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become one of the top sponsors of the World Urban Campaign (WUC), launched and coordinated by UN Habitat. The signing ceremony, which took place at 4pm, was attended by Xinhua News Agency of China and other media representatives.
On behalf of the Executive President of IMCC, the Secretary General of the GMF Secretariat and member of the WUC steering committee Jin Lan, Executive Chairman of the GMF 2014 organizing committee, consultant to the World Bank and former vice Chairman of AECOM Duane Kissick, and representatives of MICROSOFT and ARCADIS attended the global media conference. 
Joint Valuesa 
The WUC is a platform for supporting cooperation among cities in the 21stcentury and contributing to the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III), to be held in 2016. Its advocacy initiative “I’m a City Changer” looks for solutions for the challenges of urban development through engaging public and private groups and citizens in creating well-planned, green and inclusive cities. 
The GMF was launched by the Hong Kong-based International Mayor Communication Centre in 2006. Its Council, composed of organizations renowned for their contributions to sustainable cities, was established in 2008 and currently includes UCLG-ASPAC, IDA, CITYNET and CITYSCAPE. It has held a series of activities promoting sustainable urban development on five continents, and will be holding its largest event ever, the GMF 2014, this year.