Jin Lan participate in the "UN Climate Summit"

Ms. Jin Lan, the Secretary-General of the GMF Council, was invited by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to participate in the "UN Climate Summit" on  23rd Sep 2014.
In the handwritten invitation, Ban-Ki moon said: Climate change is an issue that we need to pay attention to- it will be the defining issue of our time. Today's action will challenge our ability to realize the vision set forth in the UN Charter, under the premise of peace and justice, to ensure that all peoples and nations have the same dignity and equality, while promoting social progress and a better life for all. Today, world leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to reach a meaningful agreement in global sustainable development, and I called on everyone to be able to work together on the path of sustainable development and social prosperity.
The letter further stated the Secretary-General’s hope that Ms. Jin would bring proposals for sustainable development to the Summit, to work together for a common goal to present, to the best of our abilities, to future generations a prosperous, fair and safe society.  
The UN Climate Summit, a high-level worldwide climate conference aims to explore how to act together to deal with climate change. The United Nations World Urban Campaign is one of the guiding units of the summit.  The Global Mayors Forum is actively promoting and practising the concept of sustainable development in the international community to bring more attention to coping with climate change. 
There were 120 heads of state and government and other high level officials, including the President of the United States Barack Obama, the President of Korea Park Geun-Hye, and the President of France Francois Hollande who attended the Summit. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Special Envoy of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping , the Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr Zhang Gaoli, also attended this Summit.