INTA joined the global mayors Forum Council formally

International Urban Development Association (INTA) officially joined the Global Mayors Forum Council in January 2013 and has become a full member of the second Global Mayors Forum Council. International Urban Development Association, formerly known as the "International Association of Towns" (International New Town Association), referred to the English began INTA, which was founded in 1976.

At that time, countries hold large-scale urban development plans in order to improve the overall economic growth. . In 1993, it changed its name to "International Urban Development Association", but still maintained the INTA as a badge mark. The current Chairman is Mr Budiersa•Shisitelaweinada.

INTA as a nonprofit international civil academic community strives to become a global information exchange platform for city reform and development. It organizes international conferences, promoting innovative ideas and practice on urban management.. In order to achieve the purpose of the Association, INTA holds annual seminar, annual meetings or conferences, etc., and arrange to meet with relevant agencies, visit the field case, in order to exchange experience and knowledge as an intermediary.