· I 'm a city changer—Public-Private Partnership Innovation

PPPs are Long-term contracts between a public authority and a private partner to provide public infrastructure or service.


l  Public and private sectors share risks

l  Risks are allocated by contracts and legislation

l  Private partner finances and operates

l  Private partner recovers investment and obtains a reasonable return

l  Public Authority retains property and responsibility

l  Public Authority can terminate the contract

l  Public Authority must assure quality, price and value for money


PPP projects are based on collaboration between a public partner and a private partner:

l  Share responsibilities that traditionally rest with the local government;

l  Partnership approach: both sectors meet their objectives by balancing their strengths and abilities;

l  Consider all actors and align interests.


The Asian Development Bank defines four main types of PPP:


l  Service  contracts

l  Management contracts

l  Lease contracts

l  Concession contracts


Sectors where PPP can be applied

l  Public Transportation

l  Public Utilities

l  Public Service


Public Private Partnership Courses

l  The basic knowledge about the goals of PPPs and specific understandin

l  Participants will attain and experiment with examples on basic concepts and principles that will help to produce successful PPPs at the municipal level

l  Participants will be guided towards the elements to succeed in finding and preparing PPP in their cities

l  Identifying some of these elements on some case study


Training Experts: Adolfo Guerrero 








Chief Adviser of Asian Development Bank (PPP city infrastructure projects).

Chairman of the Asian city development alliance of Asian Development Bank

Work experience: 

(1) 20 years of international finance, banking, investment, PPP project fund financing experience.

(2) Over 6 years with the Asian Development Bank. 

(3) In China for more than 9 years, familiar with all Chinese market related fund financing.

(4) In 2014, was named a "Young Leader" at the "World Cities Summit"