The GMF 2011 was planned to be held on 18-20 November 2011 in Zhuhai, China

The GMF 2011 was planned to be held on 18-20 November 2011 in Zhuhai, China. On 21st July 2011, the Secretariat of GMF faxed the first invitation letter to the UN Under-Secretary-General Mr. Sha Zukang, marking the start of the invitation work for the GMF2011. The Secretariat sent the invitation to nearly 1,000 non-Chinese cities, more than 100 foreign embassies to China, more than 30 international organizations, as well as some Nobel Prize winners, media and enterprises. Meanwhile, in the domestic China the promotion started in March. As of November, the Secretariat had contacted about 3,200 Chinese governmental departments and companies through email, fax, telephone and face-to-face meeting. Among those, 560 institutions were relevant to urban construction; 1,100 were large companies; and 270 were influential media.

By early September, more than 20 non-Chinese mayors and 12 foreign ambassadors to China had confirmed to participate in GMF2011; a number of UN officials, international organization leaders, enterprise leaders and media had also consented to take part in. Even more governmental officials, experts and business leaders from China and the rest of the globe showed their interested in this event. 
To support the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (also known as Rio+20 Summit), the Council of the GMF together with the Chinese Society for Sustainable Development (CSSD) hosted the “Six-Party Forum” in Zhuhai on 19th November 2011. 
As a warm-up event of Rio+20 Summit, the Six-Party Forum focused on President Hu Shiying’s proposal dated on 18th May 2010 on creating a new conference mode and reducing carbon footprints. Invited by the Secretariat of GMF, the Under-Secretary-General of UN and Secretary General of the UN Rio+20 Summit Mr. Sha Zukang, Mayor of Oldenburg Dr. Gerd Schwandner, President of International Downtown Association (IDA) Mr. David Downey and the special representative of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Asia-pacific Ms. Zhang Ruoning took part in the Forum. Dr. Ching Men Ky, President of United World Chinese Association as well as President of GMF was also present at the event. 
These special guests together with other representatives engaged in a lively discussion on the theme of “Developing a Green Economy and Leading a Low-carbon Life”. They actively shared their opinions and insights with one another, and talked about their expectations for the Rio+20 Summit. At the end of the Forum, Ms. Jin Lan, Secretary General of GMF read the advocacy and called for everyone’s support to the Rio+20 Summit.
USG Sha commented the way in which the Six-Party Forum was held inspired the Rio+20 Summit and the discussions on the Forum would surely help facilitate the preparations and consensus building towards Rio.