IMCC and HKMA jointly organized a Chinese Public Administration advanced training (Hong Kong)

The advanced training aims to improve students’ administrative capacities through a professional, systematical and concentrated way. The HKMA awards student with international general certificate. The training has been held for 3 times with nearly 200 trainees.

Course outline:
Role of Chinese Administrative Executives; how to improve the efficiency of Administration , how to create benefits for government departments; how to coordinate the internal relationships of Government sectors, how to build team spirits; how to coordinate public relations; how to establish an efficient information management system; advice on how to help governments make decisions; and foreign government administration case study.

Lecturer: Mr Liao Jingxian
MBA with the University of British Columbia and Canadian professional accountants. Currently serves as JBC Group Director of marketing, Hong Kong Management Association management consultant and United States Barrington University MBA Adjunct Professor. Successively he has accumulated quite a few cross-cultural management cases when he served in the Hyatt Macy's, Canadion Pacific, BDI Group and many other multinationals, and Philips, General Manager of Pacific Concord, beautiful, inspiring, foreign firms.

Hong Kong Professional Association of Management Training Center

Previous Trainees:
Students from Heilongjiang Province were with: Development Planning Commission, Audit Office, Radio and Television Bureau, Education Department, Administration for Industry and Commerce, Civil Aviation Authority of Heilongjiang, the Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Development and Planning Commission Information Service Center, Bayan County Government, the Radio and Television Bureau of QiQihar, Daxinganling TV station, the Tax Bureaus from 8 cities in Heilongjiang province. Students from JiLin Province were with: Jilin Province People's Committee, Health Department of Jilin Province, JiLin Province Economic Management Cadre College. Other students were from: Tianjin Capital Environmental Ltd., Suzhou New District Hi-tech Industry Company Ltd.